Frozen Vegan Chocolate Pots w/ Crunchy Candy Cane

Frozen Vegan Chocolate Pots w/ Crunchy Candy Cane

Frozen Vegan Chocolate Pots w/ Crunchy Candy Cane

These Vegan Chocolate Pots. OOOOMMMMGGG! They are the crème de la crème of desserts…minus the crème of course! You might know that chocolate mousse is a staple to French cuisine. Restaurant menus are flourishing with this classic dessert, even patisseries and fast food joints offer it “à emporter” (to go). It’s no secret that the French simply LOVE chocolate mousse, and they have slowly lured in my flexitarian husband to loving it too! Whenever asked if we’d like dessert he will always request to see the menu, just to check if they offer this thick and creamy treat. No mousse. No dessert.

So it recently became my mission to recreate a chocolate mousse recipe that’s suitable for plant-based eaters. To give my hubby a plant-based option that would satisfy his mad obsession. I must say this is one thing I really love about Mitch; he is always open to trying plant-based alternatives whenever possible. If I could get this recipe right, I would be Wifey of the Year! I must admit, however, that my first attempt at making vegan chocolate mousse was a sore miss. I had attempted to create it using coconut milk; by whipping it up into a fluffy creamy substance and then folding in some melted dark chocolate. Unfortunately, I wasn’t even able to get past Step 1; whipping the coconut. After 10 minutes of mixing and still seeing no difference I threw in the chefs hat.

After this sore outcome I had given up on the idea almost entirely; maybe mousse, like the majority of French desserts, would remain non-vegan. Rooted in it’s traditional history of beating full fat cream with eggs. I was constantly being reminded of this too: At the grocery store when walking by the daily desserts, passing me by at restaurant to the table ahead, being offered to me at French school because it was someones birthday. I couldn’t take it anymore! But, who better to come to my rescue than the magnificent Erin Ireland? And just in time! Oh Erin, you’ve done it again – inspiring me to explore new and creative ways to make just about everything plant-based! One evening I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw that Erin had posted in her snap story a recipe by Jamie Oliver on how to make vegan chocolate mousse! They had used…wait for it….tofu! I watched hypnotized as Erin transformed the rectangular brick of bean curd into smooth and creamy Chantilly peaks. It looked exactly like classic chocolate mousse – so smooth, thick, creamy and rich! I drooled over my phone aching for a spoonful. I NEEDED to try it myself!

That week I went to the asian supermarket and bought two containers of organic silken tofu, and then headed over to the grocers for some vegan dark chocolate. Next I got to making; melting the chocolate and draining excess water from the tofu. Okay, before I continue let me point out the elephant in the post….tofu. I know what you might be thinking. “Tofu in dessert!? Uh-uh, no thanks.” Okaaaay, I get it – it doesn’t sound like the most appealing ingredient, but I can’t stress more how perfect it is for desserts! Silken tofu is different to regular or firm – it’s fine and delicate. You’ll notice this right when you open the package;  you can barely hold it without it falling apart. The taste is delicate as well, it’s incredibly subtle so it easily takes on whatever flavours you add – in this case, chocolate! So, before you turn down the idea of tofu chocolate mousse (or worry your vegan skeptic friends will feel betrayed to hear they’re eating a tofu dessert) give this recipe a try for yourself. Because I promise you cannot taste the tofu – only rich, chocolatey and  decadent bliss! This mousse is as good as the real thing. And it wasn’t just me and my hubby who agree. My vegan skeptic friends and even my Dad were utterly convinced that the word-on-the-street was true: plant-based desserts are totally delish!!

But of course, I couldn’t post this recipe without adding my own flare to Jamie’s; adapting it to resemble even more the taste of the classic French chocolate mousse. I used Mitch as my subject, who couldn’t be more glad for the role… “Uhhhh you want me to taste multiple variations of chocolate mousse? Whatever you say boss!”  A few pots later and we were looking at the perfect blend – one that so effortlessly resembled the classic French style. And not only did this trial and error help create a beautiful French mousse, but we also stumbled upon another brilliant discovery: This dessert is sensational FROZEN! Frozen Vegan Chocolate Pots are like thick chocolatey creamsicles. And topped with chunky bites of minted candy cane!? Pure joy. It was like feasting on a deliciously decadent After Eight.

I strongly urge you to try these Vegan Chocolate Pots w/ Crunchy Candy Cane for yourself; both fresh AND frozen (if you can handle waiting for this delicious treat to freeze!). If you can’t muster the willpower to wait I understand completely. It’s not the first time someone’s eaten this chocolate mousse straight from the blender. 😉 Looks like I actually may end up winning Wifey of the Year with this chocolate mousse after all. I’d like to thank to Erin for the inspo yet again.

Vegan Chocolate Pots

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