400+ plant-based recipes.

It’s here!

Two Spoons is offering a meal planner to schedule your weeks with shareable shopping lists, recipe videos, and step-by-step instructions.

Also provided is a variety of YouTube videos from our favourite fitness bloggers, to help you stay active at home.

The Two Spoons app is easy to use, and updated weekly with new recipes and content to help you effortlessly adopt a plant-based diet.


  • 400+ recipes

    400+ healthy and easy to make plant-based recipes. Gluten-free options too!

  • Fitness Videos

    Fitness videos from our favourite YouTube bloggers ranging from 10-40 minutes, including yoga, HIIT and cardio, toning, and pilates.

  • Recipe Videos

    Recipe videos to show exactly how to make recipes

  • Meal Planning

    Meal-planner to help plan recipes and workouts

  • Measurements

    US Customary or Metric options for measurements

  • Shopping Lists

    Shareable shopping list feature

  • Advanced Filters

    Advanced filters for searching recipes

  • Weekly Updates

    Updated weekly with new content

  • Search Functions

    Advanced search functionality

  • Save Your Favourites

    Favourite button to save your go-to recipes and add to meal planner

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$4.99 USD/$6.99 CAD

A one-time payment of $4.99 USD/$6.99 CAD gives you access to all the app content and features
including recipes, shopping list, meal planner and bonus free workout recommendations.

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