Timeless Rose Gold Watch for Spring – JORD

Timeless Rose Gold Watch for Spring – JORD

Hi everyone! How good does it feel that Spring is finally here!? This weekend was the first signs of the warming season, and needless to say we didn’t need any further convincing to start our Spring cleaning.

I know most of you are familiar with my Spring pantry clean out, and opting in for lighter and brighter plant-based recipes at this time of year, but I also have a little passion for fashion. So Spring is always double the fun as I get to do both a food and fashion makeover. One of the best parts of Spring is being able to put away all those bulky clothes, and swapping them in for my lighter ones. Goodbye heavy jackets and hello trench coats, light jeans, tennis shoes and tee’s. These old favourites haven’t been worn in so long they basically feel new again!

But it also feels good to get a few new staple items to add to my classics. So when JORD watches reached out to me about sending me one of their stylish wooden watches for Spring, I was more than eager to accept. Low and behold this beautiful walnut and vintage rose gold watch. Isn’t it stunning!? I honestly love all the watches that JORD has in their line up, but this one really spoke to me. The colour of the walnut wood is just so earthy and rich. I love how it pairs with the rose gold, and how the watch looks against my skin.

I adore the vintage style of this watch too. In fact, I’ve always  been a fan of “old man watches,” (at least that’s what I’ve always called them). You know, the ones with the big face and the classic roman numeral numbers? For years I’ve flocked to the men’s watches section at department stores over the women’s, looking for that perfect piece to add to my wardrobe. However, my wrists are quite small and so I would seriously look like a child wearing their dad’s watch as I tried them on. Not to mention, I am still very girly at heart, and so it was often a struggle to find that perfect piece that celebrates both my masculine and feminine style. This watch however does it perfectly! It’s got that vintage old man flare with its big face and classic style, but also aspects that are so soft and feminine with its thinner band and rose gold accents. So chic and pretty!


Plus, how cool is it that this watch is made of wood!? It’s probably my favourite thing about this unique design. All JORD watches are made of different woods (mine is a walnut wood), and they’ve got a bunch to choose from like bamboo, maple, and sandalwood.  Not only is it unique, but it’s sustainable too. It’s raw materials make it a great alternative for vegans who don’t want a leather band, but also don’t want a synthetic fabric that’s not always so kind to our environment.

So as it stands I am completely smitten by this Walnut and Vintange Rose Watch, and with Spring in full bloom and I can’t think of a more timeless accessory to strap on (no pun intended)! From its style to its sustainable materials it’s a company I can easily get behind. <3

JORD Wooden and Rose Gold watch

I hope you’ll take a moment to check out their website, and see if one of their beautiful designs speaks to you too. In fact, JORD has offered to do a TWO SPOONS Contest Giveaway for a chance to win $100 OFF A JORD WATCH of your choice!

Here’s the deetz:

  • Fill out your name and email at this link, and select your watch of choice

  • Win a chance for a $100 gift card towards a JORD watch of your choice

  • One lucky person will win, but everyone receives a consolation code of 10% off once the contest is over

  • Contest closes April 29

How awesome is that!? I highly recommend taking a cheeky break from Spring cleaning to fill out this simple form, and selecting that perfect Spring watch. May I suggest one from their Cassia series? Perhaps the Walnut and Vintage Rose? hehe. 😉

Happy Spring everyone! xx

Timeless Rose Gold Watch for Spring


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