The Most Chic and Sustainable Lunch Boxes: black+blum

Aug 7, 2018 (Last updated Dec 6, 2023) by Hannah Sunderani

The Most Chic and Sustainable Lunch Boxes: black+blum

Hi guys,

I am so excited to share this blog post with you, since I have discovered my favourite sustainable kitchen accessories brand to date: Box Appetit line by black+blum.

So, I actually first discovered this brand when perusing through my favourite eco-shop here in Lille, called el MARKET. They’ve got some of my favourite kitchen accessories, including those cute little star spoons that you all love so much. This store is my go-to for creative and sustainable accessories, from reusable wraps to cover food, to pretty hair bandeaus, and chic and stylish lunch boxes. But it’s the black+blum swag that is always first to grab my eye because of how unique and chic they are. I first purchased the black+blum charcoal filter to filter my tap water – which is SO cool! Essentially it’s this long piece of active charcoal made from tree branch that you plunge into your water bottle or jug, and it purifies it. It honestly makes my water taste so clean! Just like a Brita filter, but completely natural and compostable. Plus, when the 6 months are over I use the charcoal sticks as air fresheners, I’ve got a few antique trunks and closets for storage that can get a bit stale, and honestly these charcoal filters have completely removed the odour. It’s like magic! I feel like that woman in those glade commercials – it really works!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The moral of the story is that after trying their charcoal filter I was a big fan of just how unique and creative the products were by black+blum. So I personally reached out to the owners; Dan and Martin (who founded the company black+blum) to collaborate. To be honest it was hard to choose from their line of products which additional products to test because I want everything. But it was their stainless steel lunch box and sandwich box that caught my eye for review.

black+blum stainless sandwich box

black+blum stainless steel lunch box

And let me tell you these lunch boxes did not disappoint! I am freaking SO impressed by just how multi-functioning these lunch boxes are. The stainless steel lunch box is a 3-1 product acting as a lunch box, an oven dish for cooking, and a well-sealed container for food storage. Inside comes with a slideable divider so you can separate wet ingredients from dry. I’ll emphasis “slideable” because it also lets you determine the storage space on each side. And, you can also remove the divider altogether, which is hella useful. The lid is Fort Knox, it’s solid and so tightly sealed to ensure that there is no leakage or air exposer. To open the lid, there is a little sicilon nub the top that you gently pull upward and from there you can easily pop off the top – a great little feature. And if that weren’t enough to convince you of it’s security, it also comes with a chic silicon strap to band around the centre, that also has a small opening to hold its re-usable fork. This too is a great feature so you don’t forget or misplace your cutlery. You’ve no idea how many times I’ve packed my lunch only to realize I’ve got nothing to eat it with.

Needless to say I am beyond obsessed with this lunch box – not only is it chic and creative. But it’s durable, and clearly well made. Using it, you can tell it’s a quality product that’s built to last. I’ve bought my fair share of chic food storage/lunch boxes over time, some being very pricey, and this is most definitely the highest quality. I also love the size of this lunch box. It’s much bigger (1L/34 fl oz.) than others on the market that I’ve tried.  Being plantbased means that I’m typically eating BIG salads and quinoa pilafs to fill me up. So the standard mid-sized containers, fit for a chicken breast and some rice, will never suffice.

sustainable lunch boxes

As for the sandwich box – I mean, come on, how pretty? I so adore the bamboo top, which I learned after receiving not only acts as a chic lid, but also a cutting board for meal prep on-the-go! Ummm jackpot! This is a gift for people like me, who are so bad at meal prep that most of the time we throw full carrots and tomatoes into a bag and just hope for the best. The sandwich box is thinner than the lunch box, but it’s still a great size for a hearty sandwich plus a few snacks. It’s not too squishy at all.  This company must have tested their products on real hungry humans to determine the optimum container sizes, because they nailed it.

Green to-go lunch boxes

These lunch boxes are BPA free, plastic free, and made using quality stainless steel and natural bamboo. They are also recyclable if you needed to throw it away…no let me rephrase that… if you accidentally threw it away and then spent the day begging janitorial service to reclaim it. I love that this company is supporting efforts to make the world more sustainable with eco-friendly products that are built-to-last. Extra points for being SO chic! 

Honestly black+blum is not a hard company to get behind – everything they offer is beautiful, creative, and functional. It’s a bit eclectic in design, which speaks to Dan and Martin’s style. The two are making a name for themselves for offering homeware that’s chic and unique. They are true artists, and it permeates through their kitchen accessories line.

Finally, let’s talk about pricing – because in many ways this impressed me the most. Their stainless line of lunch boxes are one of their pricier ranges, at $30-35 per lunch box. Yes, these lunch boxes are pricier than the plastic tupperware you’d get from the grocery store; but as you can see from my descriptions above, these lunch boxes are so much more than just food storage. And to be honest, after using the lunch boxes and getting a feel for them myself, I was surprised they weren’t charging more. Most of their competitors on the market are charging upwards of $40-100 for a lunch box, and often they are made of plastic.  I’ve also used some of their competitors products myself and I know they don’t hold to the same quality as black+blum.

So, if you are looking for a new lunch box, one that is chic and sustainable, and will have your coworkers envious at lunchtime then look no further – spend those well earned dollars on one from black+blum. Because I can promise you from my own experience that their range of products do not disappoint. You will love your lunch box as much as your favourite meals awaiting inside. Plus, nothing says you’re chic AF more than pairing your gorgeous bag with a stylish lunch box too. It’s about living your best life, amirite? Your pretty purse deserves to carry something this fab.

Box Appetit!

sustainable lunch boxes


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