From the Reserve Review: quality matcha powder

From the Reserve Review: quality matcha powder

Hi guys! Today I’m sharing a From the Reserve review of their quality matcha powder.

When it comes to buying matcha, it can be hard to know exactly which brand or type of matcha to buy.

What is the best brand of matcha powder?

How do you know if matcha is good quality?

These are important questions to consider when buying a quality matcha powder.

All-in-all, a quality matcha should be earthy and smooth in taste and texture, a vivid green colour, and most importantly – not bitter!

Lucky for you, I am a total matcha fanatic. And as a result, I can honestly say that I’ve tried my fair share of matcha powders, both good and bad.

So, today I’m reviewing a top contender for quality matcha powders, the Ultra Premium Ceremonial Matcha From the Reserve.

The verdict? Does this brand deliver on quality matcha that’s earthy and smooth like they promise?  I’ve outlined both the pros and cons for this From the Reserve review, so you can decide.

how to make a matcha latte

From the Reserve Review: Quality Matcha Powder


1. Taste

Certainly, when looking for a quality matcha powder; taste is of the utmost importance. So it had to be included in this From the Reserve review.

The common problem when buying matcha is that it tastes bitter! And there is nothing peaceful or serene about sipping on bitter tea!

You can add sweetener to balance the bitterness, but it takes a lot of sugar to mask. And by the end, you don’t have much of an earthy latte to call a matcha.

Now, in a quality matcha powder there is no bitterness! Actually, I drink without any sweetener at all.

In fact, quality matcha is so tasty you can sip right from the cup without any milk or sweetener. THAT my friends, is the type of quality matcha powder you should be looking for.

And that’s exactly what you can do with this From the Reserve’s Ultra Premium Ceremonial Matcha. It’s smooth and earthy, with no bitter taste at all. I was so impressed!

Certainly, it’s the best tasting matcha I’ve tried to date.

2. Texture

Now, when it comes to texture, you want to look for two things in a quality matcha:

  1. No clumping
  2. Ability to foam

A quality matcha should be smooth and not clumpy after whisking!

And it shouldn’t take much effort in whisking to achieve a smooth matcha. Let me tell you, I have whisked low-grade matcha until my forearms were numb, and they STILL came out chunky!

This is another reason why quality matcha powder is worth paying extra for. Whisking for 20-30 seconds should always result in a smooth consistency.

Secondly, a good matcha will yield a foamy surface when whisking. You should get lots of tiny frothy bubbles on the top. (See my photo below).

In contrary, low-grade matcha’s often don’t foam at all. Which indicates the quality is not as good.

Certainly, I was impressed by just how smooth and foamy the texture of the Ultra Premium Ceremonial Matcha was in this From the Reserve review. After just 20-30 seconds of whisking.

In fact, if you don’t have a milk frother you can still enjoy a lightly foamy latte by adding warm milk, as the bubbles from the matcha itself provides a little foam.

3. Quality and variety

As you can see from Pros 1 and 2, the Ultra Premium Ceremonial Matcha, From the Reserve is certainly a quality matcha powder. So, you can rest assured that you’re putting your money in the right matcha.

What’s more is that the brand offers fun flavours on the original to switch up your latte blends. I’ve also tried their vanilla matcha and chocolate and they were delicious.

They even have an on-the-go Matcha Blast Latte that only requires hot water – no whisking or special gadgets involved. It’s also really tasty. Not as intense of an earthy taste, but it’s sweet and creamy). Although my favourite is certainly the classic Ultra Premium Ceremonial Matcha.

matcha latte from the reserve


1. Price

When it comes to buying quality matcha in general, we’re definitely looking at a higher price point. The Ultra Premium Ceremonial Matcha From the Reserve is priced at 54.99 CAD, which isn’t cheap!

Fact is, quality matcha is expensive. I’ve learned my lesson more than once opting-in for cheaper brands. But as I previously described, they always come out clumpy and bitter.

Now, I’ve already indicated what I look for when buying a quality matcha (taste, colour and texture), but check out Tasting Table’s 5-step guide for more tips. Certainly they don’t disagree that you get what you pay for.

If you ask me, it’s worth spending your money on a quality brand – you’ll save money in the long run by actually using it, and not jumping from product to product.

Plus, a tin of Ultra Premium Ceremonial Matcha can make 20-30 matcha lattes, depending on how strong you like it.

And, when you think of the price of Starbucks’ matcha lattes – it ain’t that expensive! (Plus, I can assure you  this matcha powder taste better than the matcha powder they use at Starbucks).

In addition, From the Reserve often has discounts running, so check out their site! They also provide a “subscribe and save” discount if you plan to buy frequently.

And, of course you can use my discount code for 30% off all products From the Reserve. Details for that at the bottom of this post.

2. Useabillity

Now, I love my matcha flavoured sweets and treats more than the next foodie. Think matcha flavoured smoothies, ice cream and baked goods.

However, I wouldn’t recommend using the Ultra Premium Ceremonial Matcha for cooking and baking. (Not that it won’t be delicious – I’m sure it would).

But as I’ve noted, premium matcha is pricey. So if you’re planning to mix with different ingredients for cooking/baking; you can get away with using the cheaper stuff.

I like to save my quality matcha powder for matcha lattes only, and use cheaper matcha powders for cooking and baking.

matcha recipes for vegan ice cream and vegan cheesecake

3. Equipment

Not exclusive to this brand, but a note for matcha making in general – is the fact that we need a few special gadgets for making a matcha latte. See my post for how to make a matcha latte for the deetz.

In summary, you need to buy a few key equipment items in addition to your matcha powder. You can’t play tennis without a racket, right? But I promise, they will be used daily.

Most importantly, to make a matcha latte you need a matcha whisk. (Alternatively, an electric hand held whisk will do).

Also, it’s optimal to have a bowl with a flat bottom as it will help you whisk effectively without the clumps dropping to the bottom of the bowl. I particularly like matcha bowls made specifically for this. But you might have a bowl with a flat bottom laying around.

All-in-all, you’re going to pay more upfront to get the whole set-up, but once you’re set you’re set. And I can promise you, the matcha lattes you’ll create are worth it!

And don’t forget how much you’re saving in the long run by making matcha at home vs. buying from Starbucks.

How to make a matcha latte

To buy or not to buy?

If you’re looking for a quality matcha powder that you can use to make delicious matcha lattes – you’ve found your match(a).

Hands down, this is my favourite matcha brand for smooth earthy matcha lattes that aren’t chunky or bitter.

Certainly, it’s the best brand I’ve tried. Truly, it’s better than the $5 matcha lattes from my favourite coffee shops.

But of course, the decision is up to you and how you plan to use/enjoy matcha.

The good news is that I’ve got a discount code for you! Use code TWOSPOONSMATCHA for 30% off all From the Reserve products, including their Ultra Premium Ceremonial Matcha. (This discount never expires). 

Enjoy a comforting matcha latte for a little less on me.

I hope you found this From the Reserve review for quality matcha powder helpful. And don’t forget to check out my blog post how to make a matcha latte for how to use it.

And if you do try out this matcha let me know what you think in the comments below, I love hearing from you!

Happy sipping!

From the Reserve Review

(Disclosure: this discount code is an affiliate link in which I receive a small commission from the brand, at no price to you. I only recommend products that I buy and love).


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