Elegant Disposable Plateware: Rustic Earthware

Jun 17, 2018 (Last updated Dec 30, 2022) by Hannah Sunderani

Elegant Disposable Plateware: Rustic Earthware

Elegant Disposable Plateware: Rustic Earthware


I thought for Father’s Day I’d share with you a review, and discount code for Rustic Earthware’s beautiful disposable wood plateware, to celebrate the occasion! (Okay, maybe not the most ‘manly’ of posts, but what father isn’t going to like a picnic choco-blocked with their favourite food?).

This charming rustic wood plateware  was sent to me by Rustic Earthware, a small husband and wife company. I received an email from them asking to collaborate in trying out their dinnerware, and was more than pleased to do so. As the weather is warming I’ve got nothing but picnics on my mind! And I mean, just look at how pretty it is! Picnicking is my favourite thing to do on the weekends with hubby and my sweet dog Penny, and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it in style than with this rustic dinnerware.

Elegant Disposable Plateware

It also made the perfect celebratory picnic feast for Father’s Day, which we celebrated a few  weeks early in Brittany with my family.  June is a big month for us, with my birthday, my mum’s birthday, my brother’s birthday, and Father’s Day! To celebrate, I made my Vegan Protein Pancakes topped with lots of fruit and coconut yogurt. Served, of course, on this Rustic Earthware dinnerware. Turns out picnicking is an activity for all ages and genders – it was a hit! Of course, you’d have to be crazy not to be thrilled over a stack of pancakes, berries and yogurt; but what took it to the next level was how pretty this plateware was! If you know me you might know that I am ALL about the ambience! Literally since a child I would request that we use the “fine china” at every dinner because, why not? I’m the girl that lights candles in the evening, and feels warm and happy to see fresh flowers in the house. And picnicking is no exception. Pick a few garden flowers for a centre piece, a pretty blanket to sit on, and some beautiful plateware and it’s an photo worthy picnic that I’ll be instagram story-ing about.

Disposable Plateware

But it’s not only the beautiful look of this dinnerware that has me a fan. It’s the fact that we swap plastic for wood, making it so much more eco-friendly and sustainable. Choosing a product like Rustic Earthware is making the decision to be a little kinder to our environment. All their plateware is made from birchwood, bamboo, and palm leaf. They are eco-friendly and 100% compostable. No need to feel bad about throwing that plastic cutlery in the garbage any more. In fact, we actually saved the plates, gave them a little rinse, and used them as fire wood. Talk about a gift that keeps giving.

I also loved just how practical and quality-made these plates were. Most of the time, disposable plates are flimsy and cheap – and if you have something a wet, like a dip or fresh fruit, it tends to sop through the plate. These plates remained firm and study, without fear of those precious pancakes dropping to the ground. Same goes with the cutlery. They are smooth, sturdy, and the promise of no flying plastic ends from having stabbed the plate too forcefully.

Overall these plates are stylish and sophisticated, and I think would be perfect for a celebratory summer event – like a birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, or engagement party. I’d highly recommend them if you’re looking for a little fancier fare. And in case you’re interested in purchasing:

Rustic Earthware is giving 20% OFF your first order with the discount: “Twospoons20” at checkout on their website.

Free shipping to the U.S. if you spend $50 or more. 

Free shipping to Canada, if you contact hello@rusticearthware.com. 

I hope you enjoy this pretty plateware as much as I do, and start picnicking like a pro! Time to whip out those instagram photography skills, because this is worth a caption.


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