Vegan Guide to Paris: the trendiest breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinners

Sep 10, 2019 (Last updated Dec 6, 2023) by Hannah Sunderani

Vegan Guide to Paris: the trendiest breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinners

Here’s my vegan guide to Paris. For the trendiest breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinner spots to eat in France’s most beautiful city.

Are you plant-based and traveling to Paris? I’ve got lots of tips for you! As promised, I’ll be sharing more of my favourite plant-based places to eat around the globe. Starting with the one closest to my heart, Paris.

You might think Paris is a difficult place for vegans to eat. In a country that celebrates butter, cheese, and cream, mon dieu what’s a plant-based foodie to do!?  But actually, plant-based eating has boomed in this bustling city. And so there are some great places for vegans to dine.

This Vegan Guide to Paris is an updated list of my favourite restaurants and cafes in Paris for plant-based eaters! You might know that I spent the past 4 years living in France, and have recently moved back to Toronto. I lived in Lille, and Paris was less than an hour by train. So we visited often.

The recommendations I’ve included are a mix of 100% vegan restaurants and restaurants that offer a good range of vegan options. Which makes for an inclusive list depending on who you’re traveling with.

So, let’s get started!

vegan guide to paris

2. Cafe Berry

Second on my Vegan Guide to Paris is Cafe Berry. Just down the street from the Love Juice Bar is the Cafe Berry. Certainly, it’s a picture perfect cafe, and girly as can be. The menu for example boasts simple, colourful veggie food – like pink hummus and avo toast, pancakes, and colourful lattes. Their concept is to offer dishes that are humane, high quality, and wholesome. You’ll enjoy both the food and the ambiance in this sweet cafe.

3. Comptoir Veggie

Another great little cafe for my Vegan Guide to Paris is Comptoir Veggie. It’s a tiny cafe, quaint and intimate. The menu is small, but it’s got all you need. From sweet smoothies to savoury veggie bowls the dishes are comforting, and made to fuel you. In other words, meals are simple and non-fussed. Order from the bar at the back, take a seat and enjoy.

Where to eat a plant-based lunch

1. Wild and the Moon

Wild and the Moon is one of my favourites in this Vegan Guide to Paris. There’s a few locations. But the best is in Le Marais. Wild and the Moon is 100% plant-based with lots of gluten-free options. There are plenty of dishes to choose from, hot and cold, and delicious sweet treats.

The menu changes depending on the season. But you can expect savoury buddha bowls and curries, breakfast bowls, and an abundance of healthy smoothies, juices and lattes. In short, Wild and the Moon is your one-stop-shop for all of your favourite vegan foods.  If you’re pressed for time, grab a meal to-go at their stocked fridge near the front.

2. La Bibimerie

If you’re into korean bibimbap, look no further than La Bibimerie. What’s a bibimbap? It’s like a buddha bowl with asian inspired veg and flavours – think mushrooms, tofu, kimchi, and all the umami flavours on a bed of sticky rice.

La Bibimerie is a wonderful restaurant that celebrates french korean fusion-food. Dishes are bright and colourful and full of umami. The menu isn’t entirely vegan, so you can bring a mixed crowd of eaters here. Now if you’re vegan, take the Tofu bibimbap – Fried tofu bowl with colourful veg and sticky rice. 

The interior at La Bibimerie is chill. Sit at the high table by the window with polaroids strung from end to end. The pictures share the story of the owner, and his visits to Korea, which inspired his restaurant. The staff are friendly, and passionate about korean food, and blending it with their french roots. French fusion, for example, comes in dishes like, “les top au cheese.” A korean style gnocchi (vegetarian not vegan). In addition, the staff is open to guiding you through the menu if you’re a first timer, or have food restrictions.

3. Aujourd’hui Demain

Aujourd’hui Demain was the first vegan concept store in Paris. How cool! So you’ll want go for vegan comfort food, but save time to peruse through ethical clothing and products in their boutique. Food and concept stores hybrids are becoming a popular trend in Europe. And I love the, well…concept! 

The menu is small, but offers delicious comfort food like beyond meat burgers, gourmet vegan cheese, and sweet treats. And on weekends they have a full brunch menu. In addition, Aujourd’hui Demain hosts atelier workshops, like learning to crochet and food tastings.

4. ph7 Equilibre

ph7 Equilibre, meaning “to balance,”dedicates its dishes to healthy colourful food. What’s more is that each dish is designed to be 70% alkalizing and 30% acidic, to promote healthy digestions and gut. Overall this is a great spot to eat for the health-conscious foodies. 

I’d recommend to visit ph7 Equilibre for lunch. The dishes are light and colourful, and make a picture perfect meal. The interior is clean and whimsical, boasting orange seating with green leafy wallpaper. Although, it’s not very french in style. So, if that’s a deal breaker I’d recommend to grab a bowl to-go, and picnic in one of Paris’ beautiful parks.

5. Maison Nomade

Certainly, this holistic centre and plant-based cantine is worth a stop for lunch. Maison Nomade takes holistic wellness to the next level. By offering a one stop shop for mind and body wellness. Take a yoga or meditation class and end with a tasty lunch in their picturesque cantine for a true wellness experience. 

The ambiance at Maison Nomade is clean and zen. With weaved basket lighting, white walls, and an abundance of green planters – you can’t help but oooohmmm. 

The plates are healthy, colourful and 100% plantbased. It’s open for breakfast or lunch, offering sweet and savoury plates. All-in-all, this is a great place to visit if you’re craving a little peace from the chaotic big city.

6. Cafe de la Poste

If you’re looking for a french cafe experience, you’ll want to check out Cafe de la Poste. This cafe is not entirely vegan, however they’ve got a couple vegan options on the menu – I had their veggie and tofu bowl. And they’ve also got a nice selection of iced tea infusions, coffee and cocktails if you’re looking for just a drink. 

What I like most about this cafe is the ambiance – it’s very Parisian in style. And when in Paris, do as the Parisians do. The ambiance is an old-world French cafe, with outdoor seating facing the street (so common in France), and a cozy warm interior with wood tables and brick walls. This cafe was a stumble upon, that I’m very pleased to have discovered. I’d recommend to come here for a light lunch, coffee or a drink.

Vegan Guide to Paris: Where to grab good coffee

1. Back in Black

Located near Place de la Bastille is the trendy coffee roasters, Back in Black. Needless to say, this cafe knows a thing or two about good coffee. Order a picalo with oat milk for a delightful rich and creamy latte – it’s sensational. In addition to oats, there’s lots of plant-based milk options to choose from. Their menu also has vegan/veggie options for breakfast or lunch.

As for the interior of this cafe, it’s minimalist and industrial chic. Filled with locals, you’ll feel like a modern day Parisian in this cafe. The staff is friendly and the food is amazing. It’s well worth a trip just for the coffee, and afterwards you can explore the vibrant neighbourhood of Place de la Bastille.

2. Terres de Cafe

Another delicious coffee roasters is Terres de Cafe. They’ve got a few locations around Paris, so it’s worth checking which is close to you. If you’re sight seeing by the Eiffel Tower there’s one eight-minutes away. (I like to know where to get good coffee in tourist areas – so, you’re welcome). And there is also one in Le Marais.

The beans at Terres de Cafe are ethically sourced and organic. You’ll see they’ve got an arrangement of different beans depending on your preference of taste and strength. In addition, the staff is very approachable and knowledgable. As for the ambiance, it’s sweet and quaint (we visited the one in the 17th). In short, you’ll enjoy every sip in this sweet little roasters.

3. Merci

Located in Le Marais, Merci looks deceivingly small from the outside. The entrance on the corner takes you into a coffee shop and old bookstore. But pass through the nostalgic library and the space opens up into a trendy department store. From hipster chic clothing, to lighting, interior design and kitchen essentials – Merci is nothing short of a designers paradise. Enjoy a cup of coffee and explore.

Where to eat a plant-based dinner

1. Tigermilk

Hands down my favourite place to dine in Paris was Tigermilk. This restaurant focuses on making healthy sustainable food taste hella delicious! It’s a must try in this Vegan Guide to Paris. And although not entirely vegan, there are tons of plant-based options. And it’s a good restaurant for all eaters. 

The meals are plant-forward, offering healthy meals that are full of flavour. We took their veggie tacos, “green but not boring” salad, and my husband tried their ceviche with quinoa (a fish dish). Similarly the drinks and cocktails are abundant, but our favourite was certainly the non-alcoholic Ginger Yuzu Lemonade. 

The interior and ambiance is to be remembered. Starting with a garden chic entrance with upstairs seating, and moving back into the library room with a gorgeous glass ceiling. Certainly there’s no bad seat in the house. Located in Sentier, a trendy neighbourhood in Paris that used to be known for its textiles and garment manufacturing. But now bustling with the coolest restaurants and bars. This is a great place to start your night. 

Word of advice: book ahead. Because this place was packed!

2. Kapunka Group: Monsieur K, Kapunka Vegan, and Kapunka

From the owners that brought you kapunka, say hello to Monsieur K. The food is outstanding, and authentically Thai. It’s the best we’ve had since travelling in Thailand!

Monsieur K offers Thai dishes for all eater (vegan or not), with an abundance of plant-based options. Also good to know that they’re open to dietary restrictions, and happy to offer recommendations. We enjoyed the green curry (loaded with veg and big chunks of tofu) and the pad thai. The meals were full of flavour, and cooked to perfection from the veg to the sticky rice. 

The interior is ultra cozy; perfect for a date night. Merging together the historic building with a warm modern day finish. Sit on the plush bench seating, and enjoy the fresh flowers, candles and warm wood tables. It’s located off the bustling street of rue Montorgueil, near les Halles, making this a great place to begin your evening.

Alternatively, if you’re travelling with a fully vegan group, it’s worth checking out Kapunka Vegan. Kapunka Group’s fully vegan Thai restaurant. Unfortunately it was closed during my travels to Paris, but Monsieur K was no consolation prize. I recommend dining at Monsieur K whether you’re vegan or not. If fully booked, try the original Kapunka with four locations around the City of Paris.

3. Le Potager de Charlotte

If you’re looking for gourmet plant-based cuisine, you must visit Le Potager de Charlotte. This restaurant resembles a true gastronomic experience, taking plant-based cuisine seriously to create gourmet dishes.

Started by two brothers dedicated to healthy food, the environment and animal rights, their aim is to demonstrate the richness and delicacy of plant-based cuisine. You can expect fresh, local, seasonal and organic produce used in all their dishes. 

In my opinion, this restaurant celebrates french dining to the fullest, taking food seriously and plating it beautifully. All-in-all it creates a gastronimic experience for those who love to eat. 

Le Potager has two locations, both with lovely ambiance. The one in 9, is more earthy with warm woods and clean white walls, while in the 17th it takes deep green and gold tones with velvet seating. I recommend to go for dinner, or on Sunday for brunch.

Vegan Guide to Paris - where to eat in Paris for vegans

So there it is, my Vegan Guide to Paris: for the trendiest breakfast, lunch, coffee and dinners. It’s clear to see there’s lots of places to eat in Paris for the plant-based foodie. Whether you’re traveling alone, with other vegans, or all types of eaters – this list is sure to have something for you.

Profitez bien Paris, and all the delicious food they have to offer!

Vegan Guide to Paris - where to eat in Paris for vegans



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