Review: Chirp Body Hair Mask

Sep 10, 2017 (Last updated Jun 25, 2020) by Hannah Sunderani

Review: Chirp Body Hair Mask

Chirp Body Hair Mask(*Sponsored post)

A few months ago I received a message from Chirp Body asking if they could send me their Softnest Hair Mask to try. I’ll be honest in saying that often when I get messages from beauty brands I tend to decline…  I want to be true to my values when it comes to sharing brands, and many of them just don’t align. But, when I discovered that Chirp Body was a small company based in London, striving to create products that were plant-based, environmentally friendly, and 100% all-natural I was intrigued!

This ethical company aims to:
– Use reduced, environmentally friendly packaging;
– Utilise ingredients close to nature;
– Never test on animals;
– Educate and work together to reduce our carbon footprint.

Their hair mask is entirely plant-based, and comprised of ingredients we can all recognize:

Coconut oil , Grapeseed oil, Castor seed oil, Olive fruit oil, Argan kernal oil,  Jojoba fruit oil, Avocado oil, Grapefruit oil, Bergamot oil, Lemon oil, Tea Tree oil, Vanilla oil, Ylang Ylang,  flower oil, *limonene *linalool *geraniol *citral (*natural component of essential oils)

Sounds awesome right!?  So I was delighted to accept their generous offer and give this hair mask a try.

If you don’t know already I’m not someone who spends a lot of time on my hair… I like to let it self dry, I rarely curl or straighten it, and I’ve never coloured it – not even once! I haven’t always been this low maintenance on my hairdos. In fact as a teen I spent way too much time friending my flat iron. It seems it was enough to last a lifetime! So now, when it comes to styling, I’m as minimalist as they get. That being said, when it comes to hair care, I’m as obsessive as they get! I try to keep my hair as healthy as possible by caring for it. Not just with a plant-based diet, but also by not applying heat to it whenever possible. I also take daily multivitamins, try to keep my protein levels high, and even add maca powder to every smoothie I make because legend has it that it’s good for hair growth!

And although I don’t have too many complaints about my hair (apart from the fact that I’d prefer it Kardashian thickness and length; totally rational, right?), I do notice that I get so much breakage at the ends! I think part of it has to do with living in a city, which is more polluted than being in the suburbs. As well as the drastic changes in temperature from hot to cold each season. And then of course there’s my  good old genetics to blame. I think because I was born with hair more on the thin side it’s more susceptible to breakage. Is that actually true, or did I just make it up? What is fact, however, is that a few months ago my hair dresser begged me to start using a hair mask once a week to help keep the ends healthier. So this Chirp Body Hair Mask couldn’t have come to my rescue at a better time!

I’ve been using the mask for a few months now, and I can honestly say I’m really liking this product. Although I still do have split ends (not sure they will ever go away), my hair feels so much softer and well nourished. I especially notice it after my first wash. It looks shinier, healthier, and more bouncy too!

The way I like using this products is putting it in my hair before bed. Since this product is so natural you can leave it in for hours before washing. So typically, if it’s a wash day I will put the mask in my hair the night before and sleep with my hair in a braid. (Towel over pillow of course!). What I also like about this all-natural brand is that you can use it as often as you like. Not entirely necessary for me because as I mentioned I’m too low maintenance for multiple uses a week, but if you’re better at taking care of yourself than I am this is a bonus!

All in all it’s a pleasure to be raving about this Chirp Body to you – because I really do think they have an amazing product! Not only that, but I love being able to support smaller ethical companies in their mission to make the world a little bit greener and more humane. And doing it with a healthy head of hair is a bonus!

Thanks so much Chirp Body for sending me this wonderful product to try! 

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