Vegan Pesto Zucchini and Pineapple Pizza

Hiya everyone! Are you looking for the ultimate summer pizza recipe to round out the summer? Well look no further because here it is. Say hello to this delicious Vegan Pesto Zuchinni and Pineapple Pizza.

With this summer heat I’ve been rocking the tropical vibes, so I figured why not embrace it on my pizza too? But it’s not just the pineapple that makes this pizza unforgettable. This Pesto Pineapple Pizza offers an abundance of different flavours that perfectly combine.  Starting with a bubbly homemade pizza crust, it’s spread with fresh basil pesto, and topped with zucchini ribbons, pineapple and almond cream. It’s then drizzled with olive oil and runny honey, and sprinkled with fresh basil and cayenne. Drooling yet? Who would of thought we could make something so gourmet in our own kitchen?

The wonderful mix of flavours will certainly make you feel like a master chef. Here’s how I describe them:

savoury and comforting, from the dough

sweet and refreshing , from the pinapple

creamy and smooth, from the almond cream

spiced,  from the cayenne

fresh and earthy, from the basil pesto 

The basil pesto in this recipe is well worth nothing. It uses heaps of fresh basil, which is so plentiful right now. I pulsed it in my food processor with pine nuts, olive oil, and lemon. It’s definitely what brings that bright, fresh, and earthy flavour to the dish. The almond cream as well adds a beautiful richness to the pizza that cheese will typically do. I used Ecomil’s almond cream, adding no more than a few spoonfuls to decorate each pizza. If you can’t find almond cream, canned coconut milk makes a great substitute. I also love the addition of honey and olive oil. Just a little drizzle goes a long way on this pizza, adding extra flavour and comfort. It’s a step I wouldn’t want to skip. I buy my honey local and raw from the market, but if you don’t eat honey then it can easily be replaced with agave or maple syrup to achieve the same result.

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