Q&A with Kristin Gray from River Valley Speciality Farms

May 11, 2022 by Hannah Sunderani

Q&A with Kristin Gray from River Valley Speciality Farms

Below is a delightful Q&A that I got to do with Kristin Gray from River Valley Specialty Farms; one of the beloved hemp farmers from the One Degree Organic Foods (ODO).

Kristin was the inspiration behind my Baked Apple Oatmeal recipe! Learn more about her and her farm below.

Do you have a favorite ODO product? If so, why is that your favorite? If not, what products do you use that make it hard to choose just one favorite? 

YES! The Sprouted Oat Honey Hemp Granola. It’s always fun to see our hemp used in such a great product and [this granola is] delicious, nutritious and loved by my whole family. I have a daughter who is gluten free for health reasons and this product is also safe for her.

You said for the ODO website that hemp hearts have a nutty flavor profile and are a “super ingredient.” What other ingredients complement hemp hearts, and/or what nutritional benefits do hemp hearts provide and how does that affect our health?

River Valley Specialty Farms hemp hearts are high in protein, with an excellent amino acid profile – high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids – and rich in various minerals. Hemp hearts can be used in food products such as granola bars and protein/health bars, as well as in smoothie mixes, soups, salad toppers and baking additives.

You also said that River Valley Specialty Farms hemp hearts are grown with love – what sparked your love for farming, and/or why do you love growing hemp, in particular?

River Valley Specialty Farms is a second-generation family-run farm operation, so farming and love for the land is in our blood! We take great pride in the fact that we are vertically integrated; we have control of the seed from the time it’s planted in the ground to the final product that is delivered to the customer. This ensures high quality, as well as a safe and traceable end product.  The farm encompasses 3,000 acres in south-central Manitoba, ideally located in the Assiniboine River Valley basin. With a favorable climate and rich soil, this area is conducive to growing nutrient-rich crops such as hemp seed.

What is the best part about being a farmer that works with One Degree Organics, and/or why should consumers value ODO’s approach to sourcing ingredients?

Our relationship with the One Degree team!! It’s always a highlight when they come out to visit the farm. I also appreciate knowing that we share similar values, and they care about the integrity and quality of the end product as much as we do.

More information about River Valley Specialty Farms:

River Valley Specialty Farms is a trusted supplier of organic RTE hulled hemp seed. As both the grower & processor of RTE hemp, we ensure quality and consistency.  This means improved shelf life, a pure taste, and hemp that’s as nutritious as nature intended. We produce the safest, highest quality farm-fresh hemp available to our families and yours.


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