13 Postpartum Essentials for the 4th Trimester

Nov 18, 2021 by Hannah Sunderani

13 Postpartum Essentials for the 4th Trimester

Hi Friends! Today I’m sharing my top 13 postpartum essentials for the 4th trimester. I am officially 12 weeks postpartum, which means that we have completed the 4th trimester! I actually can’t believe how quickly that went. Ladies… this was a whirlwind!

Let me tell you, I purchased many products (sometimes in acts of desperation) for my postpartum recovery. I purchased some items for me, and others for our bubba, Oliver. Let me tell you, some of these items were incredibly helpful, and others were a total flop. (Let’s just say that I have a few parenting books waiting by the fireplace for the next time we need paper!). 

So, today I’m sharing my top 13 postpartum essentials to save you the trouble of purchasing items that you don’t need, and instead what you do need! I’ll be sharing exactly why I found each item helpful so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you think it’s right for you and your baby.

I found these items to be incredibly helpful during the fourth trimester. I really hope you find this list as useful as I did. Honestly, I wish I had this list prior to my bubs coming, and I really hope it helps you. 

So, let’s get into these postpartum essentials for the 4th trimester!

postpartum essentials

13 Postpartum Essentials for the 4th Trimester

Postpartum essentials for you:

1. Hakka Breast Pump

Hands down, my no. 1 recommendation for postpartum essentials is this silicon breast pump. I tried both this Hakka breast pump and a more classic electric breast pump, and I SO prefer the Hakka. For many reasons that I’ll get in to…
First, I actually express MORE milk when using the Hakka breast pump than an electric. Like way more… The Haakaa Silicone Breastpump lets you express milk using the power of natural suction! Simply squeeze, attach to your breast and let it work its magic. (The amount you collect is insanity).
To use this breast pump, you attach it to the breast that you aren’t feeding on while you’re breastfeeding your baby. So, if you’re breastfeeding on the left breast, you suction it to the right breast. It collects all the let down and helps draw out more milk while you’re feeding. I LOVE this approach because it’s multitasking! You don’t have to feed and then pump, it just does it all at once. 
In the first few days postpartum, I was using the Hakka at every feed (to encourage more milk production). Now, I use it only during my night feeds to help relieve some my oversupply and engorgement, which happens to me at night when bubs goes longer between feeds.
Finally, this breast pump is so comfortable (you can’t even feel it) and it’s so easy to clean. Unlike those finicky electric breast pumps with so many pieces. I wash it in the sink with dish soap and a cloth. From time to time I sanitize it by boiling it in water for 2 to 3 minutes.

2. Mother’s Milk Tea and Lactation Cookies

Lactation tea and lactation cookies are a must if you’re breastfeeding, to help with milk supply!
The lactation cookies are my own recipe, using ingredients that are known to boost milk supply such as oats, flax, and brewer’s yeast. And let me tell you, these cookies are both delicious and effective! I made a couple batches of these cookies when pregnant, and froze them before Oliver arrived. They make a delicious and healthy snack, and they’re so easy to grab in the early days when you are so busy and can’t find as much time to cook.
This herbal tea is also really useful for milk production as it includes fenugreek, which is also known to boost milk supply. I much prefer fenugreek in tea form vs. pill form because it’s easier on the stomach. When Oliver was first born I was taking fenugreek in capsules and it made me so nauseous and really upset my tummy. It was awful. When I switched to this tea it was so much easier for my body to digest. I don’t have any nausea or upset stomach with this tea. 

3. High waisted cotton underwear

A must-have postpartum essential for your wardrobe is comfortable, cotton high waisted underwear. I bought this underwear from Amazon and they were perfect for the few days following my birth. They fit a pad nice and snug with no leakage, and they helped me feel like my belly was comfortably supported post-birth. I highly recommend to all moms post birth!

4. Frida Mom Hospital Packing Kit

I found this hospital packing kit SO helpful post birth. From the peri bottle to the cooling pads, it’s a one stop shop for everything you need post birth. Although I had a home birth, I packed this kit for the hospital just in case, and I used it post-birth for relief. I highly recommend grabbing one of these for your postpartum recovery.

5. iPad & Netflix

I cannot tell you how much TV you’ll be watching when your bubs arrive! (At least for me and my mom friends, this is the case). If you’re breastfeeding and embracing the contact naps, TV really helps to pass the time! I like to use my iPad because it’s portable and I can bring it from room to room.  
It’s also very convenient to watch something during the night feeds to keep you awake! And if you’re watching a good show, makes it a tad easier to get up. (Might I suggest RuPaul’s Drag Race??)

6. Scrunchies

So this postpartum essentials recommendation may not be all that exciting, but trust me, you’re going to want a few scrunchies in your back pocket! Say goodbye to wearing your hair down, as it will be spending what feels like the rest of eternity in a ponytail! 
I’ve got scrunchies decorated all over the house – one in the family room, in Oliver’s room, in our bedroom, in the bathroom and in his stroller. They’re really convenient to have around so you can pop your hair up in a flash.
The reason I prefer scrunchies over hair elastics is that they are softer on the hair and reduce breakage. I’m currently experiencing postpartum hair loss and so I want to be as gentle on my hair as possible – which means scrunchies are my preferred way of getting my hair off my face.
Also, the srunchie can be a great reminder of which breast you fed last if you are breastfeeding your baby. I swap the scrunchy on my wrist to keep track, so that on the next feed I alternate sides. (Little helpful tip for you). 

7. Fruit of the Loom Wire-free Cotton Bras (for breastfeeding)

Okay, these bras are a MUST if you’re breastfeeding your baby. They are cotton, supportive, flattering, affordable and easy to whip out a boob! haha. These bras are not specifically nursing bras, but actually – I prefer these bras over the nursing bras that I bought. Which why I’ve included them as a must-have on my list of postpartum essentials.
The fabric is so breathable, being cotton instead of nylon or polyester. There is also no padding in it, which is built into many of my nursing bras, which I personally find uncomfortable. 
These simple cotton bras are just so perfect for breastfeeding. I absolutely love them and have bought 6 pairs! 

Postpartum Essentials for baby:

8. Snuggle Me Organic

I loved using the Snuggle Me when Oliver was first born. It hugged him so closely and would allow him to feel snug when we put him down. He had the best naps in his Snuggle Me in those early days, and it was a nice buffer between him and hard surfaces like the floor, or rough carpets etc. when he was awake.
We pretty much would bring Oliver and the Snuggle Me from room to room like a 2-in-1 package! It’s easy to transport as well if you’re visiting friends and family. 

9. Swaddles (Halo Swaddle and Love 2 Dream)

Love to Dream Swaddle


These two swaddles are my favourite to use with bubs! I never got the hang of swaddling with a blanket. Oliver would always punch out of them! But these two swaddles were easy at keeping him nice and snug without escaping, which allowed for better sleeps and naps. 
The Love 2 Dream was our favourite swaddle when Oliver was first born. He loved having his hands up (every ultra sounds showed him with his hands by his face before being born!), and so trying to pull them down in those early days seemed really uncomfortable for him. 
If your bubs likes his or her arms up to sleep too then I highly recommend the Love to Dream Swaddle as a postpartum essential! The zipper makes things so quick and simple, and of course makes it impossible for them to break free. hehe. 

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle

After a few weeks, we transitioned over to the Halo swaddle with arms down, and we are still using this swaddle. The velcro sides makes it so easy to wrap our bubs up snug, and harder for them to punch out (although I will say, Ollie does find a way from time to time).
What I really like about this swaddle is that it grows with your little as they age. So, once you’re tiny human is past the swaddling phase you can use it as a sleep sack by keeping the arms out and folding the sides around their belly. 

10. White noise machine + Baby Shusher

White noise machine

This white noise machine is a MUST HAVE for your little. We actually ended up buying 2 of them! We put one in his nursery and one in our bedroom (where he is currently sleeping in the bassinet). Oliver sleeps so well with this white noise machine, much better than when we originally used the white noise app on our phone.
In fact, there have been times where Ollie has been so fussy from being overtired and I turn on this white noise machine and he is instantly asleep again! haha. It comes with a few different sounds as well, including rain or brooke, which I must admit added a little bit of variation in those early days when I would sit in his room with the white noise on for hours as he slept on me! haha. 
I highly recommend this white noise machine for your little to get good sleeps and naps!

Baby Shusher


As for the Baby Shusher, this is the perfect portable white noise machine! I bring it for naps when we travel with Ollie, and I put it in his stroller. Sometimes, on stroller walks Ollie will wake up and if I turn on the Shusher he’ll go back down. He can get another 30 minutes to an hour after I turn on the Shusher! I highly recommend this portable device as a postpartum essential.  


11. Tripp Trapp High Chair with Newborn Insert

I have this Tripp Trapp high chair with the newborn insert. There is so much that I love about this high chair, but I’ll start with the newborn insert. 
First, the insert is easy to strap Ollie into, it’s safe and he is super comfortable in it. The angle of it allows him to be a little upright to see me, but gives him space for his legs to kick, which he loves. I use this high chair when I’m cooking in the kitchen, and also when we are having dinner. 
What’s so great about this high chair is that it grows with your little! Once they graduate from the newborn insert you can fix in the traditional baby insert with a tray. You can also take off the tray and push them right up to the table so that they can eat on the table with you. It’s a great way to promote family dinners and make them feel part of the action. 
As they get older, turn it around and it can be used as a step ladder, and you can even use it as a normal chair for adults! It’s so multipurpose and timeless.  

12. Ergobaby Carrier

My boy loves to be held! And this Ergobaby with soft fabric has been a saviour as I wonder from room to room. It’s soft and easy to strap on, making it a great item to wear around the house. It’s really helped to take the weight off my back and arms. The extra support is much appreciated.
The one thing I’ll say about baby carriers, however, is that you can’t really do much when wearing them apart from simple tasks. I had a vision that I’d be able to work at my computer while bubs was asleep on me, or get some laundry done. But it’s really hard when wearing a baby!! You’re limited in your movement especially in bringing your arms forward or up. 
However, it’s made the world of difference for carrying some of the weight from bubs. He loves to be held and he’s getting heavy! So this Ergobaby has been a great support, (no pun intended).

13. Fridababy Snot sucker

So I know this sounds weird! But I promise you it’s not. This snot sucker is the best for sucking out your babies snot. It’s so easy, effective and gentle on your baby. Sadly, Oliver got sick with a cold at just 6 weeks old and it was heart breaking to see him with such a stuffy nose. 

Thank goodness I had put this snot sucker on our baby registry because it was so helpful during those sick days to clear his nose, especially in the middle of the night when he got so congested. This snot sucker comes highly rated from other moms, and now I’m one of them. Fridababy in general has such good baby products, and this one is definitely top of the list.

postpartum essentials
So there we have it. My top 13 postpartum essentials to help you have a joyful 4th trimester. I really hope you find these items helpful as you navigate new motherhood and that they are as useful as I found them to be. I’m wishing you all the best for your 4th trimester and postpartum recovery! Good luck and enjoy!! 



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