Plant-Based Workout recipes! Pre- and Post- Workout

Apr 20, 2019 (Last updated Sep 23, 2021) by Hannah Sunderani

Plant-Based Workout recipes! Pre- and Post- Workout

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This post is dedicated to plant-based workout recipes, pre- and post! Some might think that a plant-based diet is limiting when it comes to pre- and post-workout fuel.  But it’s quite the contrary! As a person who values my daily workouts, and as a plant-based blogger, I’m always creating healthy plant-based workout recipes that energize me, keep me full, and above all –  taste delicious.

There are numerous plant-based workout recipes for active lifestyles that offer protein and nutrients to help you thrive pre- and post-workout. And I’d like to share some of my favourites with you. I’ve definitely got a routine that helps me slay my obé.

Plant-based workout recipes. Vegan, gluten-free healthy recipes for pre and post workout

Below are my go to plant-based workout recipes for morning and afternoon workouts. Starting with something light and energizing for the pre-workout, and moving on to wholesome heartier meals that will satiate your body post-workout.

These recipes are vegan, gluten-fee, easy and totally delicious. Whether you’re vegan or not, you’re going to love adding these recipes to your daily diet.

Morning: Plant-based Workout Recipes

Pre-Workout: Morning Metabolism Boost

Plant-based workout recipes. Vegan, gluten-free healthy recipes for pre and post workout

For me, I like to work out in the morning before starting my day. It’s a little “me time” before the chaos ensues. And no day goes by without this Morning Metabolism Boost.

I love this drink to energize pre-workout.  Made with lemon, apple cider vinegar, ginger, cinnamon and cayenne, it’s a hybrid of the many boost drinks that have been passed around the health and fitness community for decades. And boy do I love this mixture! The ingredients may sound like it packs a punch, but actually it’s a lot more sip-able than you’d think.

This metabolism boost aids as a kickstart to my digestion. The citrus from the lemon and ACV (apple cider vinegar) is super alkalizing, and helps to get things moving (if you know what I mean).  The ingredients are also commonly used in immunity boost drinks, particularly ginger and lemon. So not only are we taking care of our digestion but our immune system too.

How far in advance should you drink this metabolism boost before your first meal? My answer is to do what feels best for you. For me, I have this drink when I wake up; before turning on my obé workout and about an hour before my first meal.  But the goal is to incorporate the drink into your regime without inconvenience. So choose a time that works best for you and make it a habit.

For me, starting my morning with this boost sets me up to succeed for the rest of the day. Think of it as a first win on the list of healthy intentions you set for yourself.

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Vegan, gluten-free healthy recipes

Post-Workout: Chocolate Mocha Chia Pudding

Vegan, gluten-free healthy recipes for pre and post workout

Recently, my favourite post-workout breakfast is this Chocolate Mocha Chia Pudding. It’s vegan, gluten-free, healthy, and sweet. This plant-based workout recipe combines chia with almond milk, a heaping spoonful of cocoa powder, and a shot of espresso. The combination of chocolate and espresso is premium! It’s like a latte, but in chia pudding form.

I love to make this chia pudding and pair it with a few scoops of coconut yogurt and some fresh berries. It’s protein packed and easy to digest. The rich and velvety chocolate combined with creamy coconut yogurt is a delight. And the shot of espresso keeps my energy levels up to start the day. 

I like to prep this plant-based workout recipe the night before so it’s ready in the morning. Chia typically takes 10-20 minutes to absorb liquid, and so it’s a good idea to do ahead of time if your mornings are rushed. If you’re not a big breakfast person first thing, you can pack this recipe to-go. I’m usually not hungry for an hour or so after my workout, and so I will pack this pudding in a sealed jar like the picture shows. Enjoy at home or later at your desk.

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Plant-based workout recipes. Vegan, gluten-free healthy recipes for pre and post workout

Afternoon: Plant-based Workout Recipes

Pre-Workout: Peanut Butter and Jam Stuffed Dates

healthy recipes for pre and post workout

Need some pre-workout fuel to smash your HIIT? Try these Peanut Butter and Jam Stuffed Dates! I like to pop one or two of these before a HIIT or dance cardio workout. They’re fast fuel that’s light enough to eat pre-workout. (The goal is to stuff these dates, not your belly).

For this plant-based workout recipe I’ve stuffed medjool dates with peanut butter and homemade raspberry chia jam. This jam is a much healthier alternative to the store bought and takes 10 minutes to make. Simmering raspberries, chia and a bit of maple syrup in a saucepan, this jam can be used for these stuffed dates, topped on oatmeal, or toast.

Once you’ve made the jam, the stuffed dates take seconds to put together.  Simply cut through the middle to remove the pit, and fill with peanut butter and jam. You can enjoy them in the time it takes to sync obé to your TV.  m

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Plant-based workout recipes. Vegan, gluten-free healthy recipes for pre and post workout

Post-Workout: The ULTIMATE Baked Falafels

Plant-based workout recipes. Vegan, gluten-free healthy recipes for pre and post workout

These Ultimate Baked Falafels are my go-to when it comes to a healthy and wholesome post-workout meal. The falafels are made with chickpeas and oat flour, pulsed together with fresh parsley and loads of spice. They are flavour rich!

These falafels are baked instead of fried – making them a much healthier choice, and it doesn’t leave that bad fried food aftertaste in your mouth. Typically, I will make a big batch of these falafels to last me through the week to top on salads or in whole-wheat wraps. They pack wonderfully for lunches.

My favourite combo is to serve these falafels with salad greens, purple cabbage, cucumber and avocado, and drizzle generously with my signature citrus tahini dressing.

These baked falafels are healthy, hearty and satiating, making them a great post-workout meal to refuel. No doubt you will have this plant-based workout recipe on repeat.

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Plant-based workout recipes. Vegan, gluten-free healthy recipes for pre and post workout

As you can see there are a ton of options when it comes to plant-based workout recipes. These plant-based workout recipes have you covered for clean fuel that’s as delicious as it is healthy. And, plant-based or not, everyone can enjoy adding these recipes to their regime.

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