Our Gender Neutral Nursery

Sep 23, 2021 by Hannah Sunderani

Our Gender Neutral Nursery

Hi Friends! Today I’m revealing our gender neutral nursery for our first son, Oliver.

We absolutely love spending time in Oliver’s room. It’s such a beautiful and inviting space. It’s where I prefer to feed Oliver, and we love to spend evenings in the nursery winding down after bath time.

our gender neutral nursery

Creating a gender neutral nursery can be a bit intimidating, as you have to get creative with the theme and colours. We knew that we wanted to make our nursery gender neutral, bringing in pieces that aren’t commonly attributed to a girl or boy.

There are a few reasons why we chose to make our nursery gender neutral:

First, boys don’t only need to be associated with blue, nor girls with pink!

Second, we picked items that we believed will grow with our family (maybe Oliver will have a little sister one day?). These pieces can also grow with Oliver as he gets older. Who knows what the future holds!

So, let me share how we created our gender neutral nursery! I hope it provides you with some inspiration!

gender neutral nursery

Our Gender Neutral Nursery

Picking colours for a Gender Neutral Nursery

Picking colours for your nursery is so much fun!

I know what you might be thinking… gender neutral nurseries means limited colour options. Right? Wrong! (Don’t worry, I thought this at first too).  

But in fact, there’s lots of gender neutral colours that you can add to your nursery, including pink and blue if you choose! (We even have some pinky tones in our nursery in the blankets and wall-art). It’s all about choosing the right places to showcase these pops of colour.  

Picking a colour scheme was the first thing we did when designing our gender neutral nursery. We leaned in to desert tones – oranges, browns, yellows and natural woods. 

From there, we used the colours to help narrow down our theme.

Our Mood Board (by Tiffany Leigh Design):

gender neutral nursery moodboard

Think about the theme!

Now, I can’t take all the credit on the theme of this room. It was a joint effort with the help of our designer Tiffany Leigh Design and Crate & Kids Canada.

When thinking through the theme of the nursery, we picked furniture pieces that we loved, and used it to create a mood board. From there it was easy to see what themes were presenting themselves, and to lean into the selected theme with accessories. 

In the end, our nursery showcased a theme that was a combination of minimalist, boho (in the pillows and wall-art) and sophisticated with the modern pieces of furniture from Crate & Kids Canada.

Neutral can still include colour!

When designing Oliver’s nursery, we wanted to go with more muted desert tones vs. vibrant colours – we pulled in colours like oranges, browns, mustard yellow and natural woods. You will see that we also added a pop of colour: dark green; in the Kids Jewel Wide Dark Green Dresser from Crate & Kids

In fact, we had originally planned for a more classic dresser, which is showcased in Tiffany’s mood board above. But we had a change of heart when ordering and decided to go for something more modern.

gender neutral nursery

Certainly, the dresser is a stand-out piece in the nursery. The dark green tone really elevates the space -it’s such a statement colour. It also ties in nicely with the green plant on the opposite corner of the room.

I really love the mid-century modern style of this dresser with its gold handles. It’s chic and sophisticated! The drawers are spacious, providing ample storage as well. 

Keep in mind, this dresser can easily be swayed more masculine or feminine, depending on how you style it. In our nursery, the dresser is styled gender neutral with the weave basket and wood framed mirror, but check out Crate & Kids photos for how they showcased it in a girls room.

All-in-all, it’s a great piece of furniture that can grow with your family (boys or girls) as they adopt their own style.

Wood tones

Adding wood tones to your room is not only gender neutral, but it really helps to add warmth to the space. You’ll see this most predominately in the Andersen II Maple Crib by Crate & Kids, as well as the natural oak stained shelf by the window.

gender neutral nursery

The natural wood tones work so well in Oliver’s nursery with the muted desert tones, and really adds warmth to the space. According to Better Homes & Gardens, sunny shades of yellow bring out the warm tones in wood, creating a casual and inviting look. They’re certainly right!

You’ll see as well that our home has old pine floors. The natural stained woods mix nicely with the orange undertone in the pine floors. The woods compliment each other without contrasting. (Oliver thinks so too!).

Think about functionality

Trust me when I say that it’s easy to get caught up in your nursery’s colour scheme and themes, but it’s SO important to consider how you will use the space!

Our nursery room isn’t large, and so we wanted to make the most out of the space. We decided to forgo a changing station and use the dresser with Crate & Kids contour changing pad on top for changing diapers.

I love a space that has multi-functionality! All the diaper changing items are stored in the weave basket to keep a minimalist design.

gender neutral nursery

One of the most important functionalities for me was to have a comfortable and inviting space to feed Oliver and rock him to sleep. So a comfortable rocking chair was top of my list. We went with the Snoozer Cream Nursery Glider Chair and both Oliver and I love it!

I use this rocking chair to feed Oliver. It’s so comfortable and cozy, and Oliver loves to be rocked back and forth after a feed as he dozes off to sleep. The style of the chair is modern, sophisticated and inviting. The fabric is cozy, and adds lovely texture to the room.

gender neutral nursery

I also wanted to be sure to  keep an ample amount of space in the middle of the room for playtime. Which leans in nicely to our minimalist design. We placed a cozy cream area rug under the crib (which anchors it as a stand out piece).  It’s also nice to sit on for playtime instead of on the hardwood floor.

gender neutral nursery

Storage solutions were also important to consider when thinking about functionality. Where were we going to put all of Olivers stuffies!? We really liked the Snoozer Cream Nursery Storage Ottoman to increase our storage space, while still being practical in other ways. It’s nice to put your feet on, it pairs beautifully with the Snoozer Cream Nursery Glider Chair, and it currently holds all the stuffed toys that Oliver received at his baby shower. (It also helps us to maintain the minimalist theme we were looking for). 

crate and kids glider and ottoman

It’s easy to fill your space with accessories, like chic tents or a rocking horse, but space for play was important for us to keep in mind! Plus, it gives the opportunity to add items that Oliver enjoys playing with as he gets older. 

Other Tips for creating a Gender Neutral Nursery

I found Pinterest to be incredibly helpful for designing our gender neutral nursery. I encourage you to create an album and start saving the photos you like. From there, it will tell you what themes and colour schemes you’re leaning towards for your nursery. 

Also, if this is your first baby, have a chat with friends who already have kids. They will have great insight for designing a functional space. For example, my friend recommended to get a garbage bin with a tightly sealed lid – as diapers can get smelly!

gender neutral nursery wall art gender neutral nursery

Shopping local is also fun for accessorizing. We purchased a macrame wall hanging from a local designer at one of the shops on our main street. The boho prints, customized with Olivers name, were made by a small business on Etsy. The cloud mobile is from an independent kids store in Lille, France (where we used to live).

The wooden rainbow is from a local business, Bow & Bear.  It’s really fun to grab accessories from local businesses to support them, and to add unique pieces to your room.

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I hope these tips are useful when thinking about your Gender Neutral Nursery. And that it helps you to narrow down your colours, theme and how you envision utilizing the space (i.e. functionality). We absolutely love spending time in Oliver’s nursery. It’s so sweet and inviting and we know that the furniture pieces will grow with our family for years to come. I’m certain that you can achieve a space that you love too, and I do hope these tips help!

Have fun creating your gender neutral nursery!

Lots of love,

Hannah and Oliver. 🙂

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