You will find the “Newbie Cook Approved” stamp on recipes that are quick and easy to create. No experience is required. The steps are simple and ingredients are easy to find. If you’re new to cooking, try my recipes with this stamp. You won’t believe how delicious a quick plant-based recipes can taste.

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Recipes with the “Skeptic Approved” stamp are the perfect solution for friends who think they could never give up meat. These recipes take a plant-based twist on the classics, like vegan nachos, meatballs, curries and pastas. It’s time to show the vegan skeptics that a plate of plants is delicious! No doubts, your friends will be reaching for seconds. Better yet, they’ll be begging for the recipe!

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“Fit Girl Approved” recipes are for the veg obsessed! We love colourful recipes that are healthy, but don’t compromise on taste. Think chia pudding, protein pancakes, colourful buddha bowls, rainbow sushi, and anything-green smoothies. YUM!

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When you see recipes with the “Husband Approved” stamp, you can rest assured your hubby will love it!

The dietary choices we make can impact our sig. others. And TBH, when I chose to be plant-based, hubby wasn’t jumping for joy. I’ve learned to please both our needs by cooking meals that are hearty and flavour rich to keep us satiated. I’m sure your sig. other will love these Husband Approved recipes too!

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Look for the “Foodie Approved” stamp when you want a recipe to impress. These recipes require a little more time and effort to make. Open a bottle of wine and celebrate with these foodie approved recipes.

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For kid friendly recipes, look for the “Toddler and Kid Approved” stamp of approval. Your kids will love these recipes, and you can feel good about what you’re feeding them. Think healthy muffins and cookies, smoothies, vegan ice cream and more.

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