You will find this logo on my recipes that are super easy to make. Have no fear, no experience is required to make these tasty dishes. The steps are simple, equipment is minimal, and the ingredients are easy to find at the store. If you’re nervous about cooking try my recipes with the “Newbie Cook Approved” stamp. You won’t believe how good easy can taste.

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Quick! Your in-laws are coming and you need a recipe to prove that plant-based eating is drool-worthy! Look no further. Recipes with the “Skeptic Approved” stamp are the perfect solution to those who think they could never give up meat. These recipes include ingredients that everyone can pronounce (minus quinoa). We’re talking familiar ingredients and baby steps to make happy guests! With these recipes your in-laws will be reaching for seconds. Better yet, they’ll be begging for the recipe!

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When it comes to eating my girlfriends and I are veg obsessed! If we’re eating out sans-boys you can bet we’re dining at the closest plant-based restaurant on Google. The “Girlfriends Approved” stamp means these recipes are more healthy and unique in their ingredients. Think tahini caeser salads, coconut bliss bars, and green everything smoothies. YUM!

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Ever told your husband you are cooking “plant-based” tonight? Yep, I’ve been there too…The dietary choices we make can also impact our sig. others. When I first pitched the idea to Mitch about moving to a more plant-based diet he definitely wasn’t jumping for joy. But, I’ve learned to please both our needs by cooking meals that are heartier, deep in flavour, and high in protein to keep him full. Now he’s a full advocate for the plant-based diet! When you see recipes with the “Husband Approved” stamp you can rest assured your hubby will love it!

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This approval stamp is for recipes SO good they should be on the menu at your favourite restaurant. Unlike the Newbie Cook recipes, they are a little harder to make and require more time. I like making these recipes when I’m looking to impress. Pop open that bottle of champagne and enjoy. These dishes are worth it!

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