Healthy Hazelnut Granola

Hi guys! I wanted to share a little weekend baking inspo for my healthy hazelnut granola! I absolutely love having homemade granola in the house. I’ll pack it as a snack to go, or sprinkle it on top of my fruit and yogurt parfaits for breakfast. Or, I’ll grab a little juice cup and pour some in with almond milk for dessert. (Yes, I think a cup of granola with mylk makes a great dessert – don’t judge me).

What we can all agree on though, is that this healthy hazelnut granola is a wondergood combo. Made with nuts, seeds and gentle spices, and sweetened lightly with agave it’s a perfect blend. This healthy hazelnut granola is one of my favourites that I’ve made to date because it truly is minimalist. The ingredients are simple for a crisp, bright, and wholesome granola. You won’t find a store-bought version like this one.

2 comments on “Healthy Hazelnut Granola

  1. mmm I love hazelnut anything! Looks amazing Hannah 🙂

    • Hannah Sunderani

      26 Feb 2019 at 12:12 pm Reply

      Oh jess you are just the sweetest! Am so glad you like the recipe. Wish I could send one of these jars your way! xx

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