Garlicky Smashed Potatoes with Harissa Yogurt

Time to fire up your oven because these potatoes are coming at ya hot! This recipe is for my Garlicky Smashed Potatoes with Harissa Yogurt, and it is ON FUEGO. Made by roasting potatoes in garlic and olive oil and dipping into a tangy and spiced harissa yogurt, you are going to lose your mind over this one.

I made these smashes potatoes last week, and it took every fibre in my being not to face plant into the platter before taking some shots for the blog. I literally I had to keep a few spares to the side and dip and munch as I went, because the aroma of perfectly fried potatoes and spicy dip was too intoxicating to resist. It’s a miracle I didn’t drool over the entire plate.

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