25 Vegan Summer Recipes

25 Vegan Summer Recipes

Here’s the recipe round-up you’ve all been waiting for: Vegan Summer Recipes!

In this recipe round-up, you’ll find light and crunchy summer salads, side dishes perfect for BBQ’s, easy dinners using the freshest summer vegetables, and delicious cold desserts like matcha ice cream and chocolate fudge pops!

I’m sharing recipe inspo that’s easy, healthy, and requires little time to make. So you can be out in the backyard enjoying the fresh air and sun! Trust me when I say that you’re going to want to save this recipe round-up and return to it all summer long. 

Enjoy perusing through the very best vegan summer recipes from yours truly, and my favourite bloggers on the web.

vegan summer recipes

Vegan Summer Recipes Round-Up 

1. Vegan Caesar Salad  with Vegan Caesar Dressing (Two Spoons – that’s me!)Vegan Caesar Salad

2. Cucumber Salad (Love and Lemons)cucumber salad

3. Crispy Smashed Potatoes (Two Spoons – that’s me!)

crispy smashed potatoes

4. Watermelon Salad with Mint and Vegan Feta (The Plant Riot)

watermelon salad

5. BEST Vegan Potato Salad (Two Spoons – that’s me!)

vegan potato salad

6. Vegan Matcha Nice Cream (World of Vegan)

vegan matcha nice cream

7. Chocolate Fudge Pops (Half Baked Harvest)

Chocolate Fudge Pops

8. Strawberry Spinach Salad (Two Spoons – that’s me!) 

Strawberry Spinach Salad

9. Stuffed Zucchini Pizza Boats

stuffed zucchini pizza boats

10. Amazing Hummus! (Rainbow Plant Life)

amazing hummus

11. Easy Vegan Pasta Salad (Simple Veganista)

easy vegan pasta salad

12. Cauliflower Nachos (Two Spoons – that’s me!) 

cauliflower nachos

13. How to make Acai Bowls (Two Spoons – that’s me!)

how to make an acai bowl

14. 10-minute Miso Corn on the Cob (Two Spoons – that’s me!)

Miso corn on the cob

15. Ultimate Black Bean Burgers (Ambitious Kitchen)

black bean burgers

16. Easy Tomato Gazpacho (Two Spoons – That’s me!)

easy gazpacho recipe

17. Cucumber Gazpacho (Two Spoons – That’s me!)

Cucumber Gazpacho

18. Abundance Kale Salad with Savoury Tahini Dressing (Minimalist Baker)

abundance kale salad

19. Black Bean and Corn Salad (Two Spoons – That’s me!)

black bean and corn salad

20. Vegan Chik’n Caesar Salad Pizza (Plantifully Based Blog)

vegan chik'n caesar salad pizza

21. Pesto Power Salad (Veggiekins)

pesto power salad

22. Crunchy Asian Slaw with Peanut Dressing (Two Spoons – that’s me!)

crunchy asian slaw

23. Matcha Green Tea Smoothie (Choosing Chia)

matcha green tea smoothie

24. Garlicky Roasted Eggplant with Tahini Dressing (Two Spoons – That’s me!)

garlicky roasted eggplants

25. Vegan Taco Recipe (Two Spoons – That’s me!)

vegan taco recipe


As you can see, there’s lots of options when it comes to making delicious vegan summer recipes. This list is rich with healthy, wholesome, easy to make recipes that are full of flavour! From refreshing gazpachos, to healthy BBQ side dishes, easy entrees and ice cream desserts – this list has you covered all summer long. 

I’m sure you’re going to love making these vegan summer recipes! And, if you do make any, please let me know in the comments below what you think! I love hearing from you. Let me know which one’s are your fave.

And of course, tag me on Instagram with the hashtag #twospoons. Nothing makes me happier than to see your recreations.

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easy vegan summer recipes


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