25+ Vegan Holiday Recipes

25+ Vegan Holiday Recipes

It’s no surprise that I’ve been dropping festive holiday recipes to the blog like it’s going out of style. And frankly, with 5 days left to Xmas, it sort of is! So I’ve consolidated the very BEST vegan holiday recipes on Two Spoons to help you get organized for the big day.

In this post you’ll find favourite holiday recipes from the blog. Whether you’re looking for vegan holiday dinner ideas, holiday appetizers, or vegan cookies for your cookie swap. Whether you’re hosting Christmas at chez-vous, bringing a holiday dish for your work potluck, or if you’ve simply been put in charge of potatoes this year. We’ve got them all for ya.

And don’t fret – you’ll find healthy recipes too. As well as vegan holiday recipes that are gluten-free and no-bake. Truly, there is a dish to satisfy every need.

This is the ultimate guide for creating delicious festive vegan recipes over the holidays. And to build new traditions, vegan style!

Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes:

So, let’s start with what to serve for a Vegan Christmas Dinner. Here are my favourite savoury dishes. From meaty vegan dishes (to replace turkey), to cozy side-dishes, soups and salads. Let these recipes inspire your vegan Christmas menu.

“Meaty” Vegan Dishes (to replace turkey)

1. Vegan Lentil Loaf

Vegan holiday recipes: Lentil Loaf - Vegan Holiday Recipes

2. Holiday Festive Falafels (no-meatballs)

vegan festive falafels

3. Easy Vegan Gravy

quick and easy vegan gravy

Holiday Vegan Side Dishes

1. Vegan Mashed Potatoes

Vegan holiday recipes: the best vegan mashed potatoes

2. Cheesy (Vegan) Hasselback Potato Gratin

cheesy vegan hasselback gratin

3. Ultimate Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole

Ultimate Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole

4. Maple Roasted Carrots

maple roasted carrots

5. Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts

maple roasted brussels sprouts

Soups and Salads

1. Cream of Cauliflower Soup

Vegan holiday recipes: cream of cauliflower soup

2. Cheesy (Vegan) Leek and Potato Soup

cheesy vegan leek and potato soup

3. Curried Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

curried butternut squash and sweet potato soup

4. Harvest Kale Caesar Salad

harvest kale caesar salad

Easy Vegan Christmas Cookies:

Probably the best part about Christmas is the degree to which we can bake an endless array of cookie swaps. Here are the best easy vegan Christmas cookie recipes for you to take pleasure in.

1. Soft & Chewy Gingerbread Cookies (v + gf)

vegan holiday recipes: soft and chewy gingerbread cookies (vegan and gluten-free)

2. Classic Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

3. Vegan Almond Linzer Cookies

Almond Linzer Cookies

4. Vegan Shortbread Cookies

vegan shortbread cookies

Holiday Vegan Desserts Recipes:

And, if cookies don’t tickle your fancy, these sweet treats for dessert certainly will. From healthy no-bake vegan recipes, to decadent holiday baking that will make your house smell like holiday cheer. No doubt, there is something for everyone amongst this list.

No-bake holiday vegan treats recipes

1. Gingerbread Chia Pudding

vegan holiday recipes: Gingerbread chia pudding

2. PB&J Stuffed Dates

peanut butter and jam stuffed dates

3. No-bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles

no-bake chocolate peanut butter truffles

3. No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Tarts with Coconut Yogurt Filling

raw no-bake-vegan-chocolate-tart

The best baked holiday vegan treats recipes 

1. Holiday Spice Cake

vegan holiday recipes: holiday spice cake

2. Vegan Cinnamon Braid Buns

vegan cinnamon braid buns

3. Vegan Chocolate Tarts

vegan chocolate tarts

Holiday Breakfast Ideas:

1. Vegan Banana Oat Pancakes (1-bowl)

1-bowl vegan banana oat pancakes

2. Fig and Coconut Yogurt Crepes

fig and coconut yogurt crepes

3. Vegan Crepes with Persimmon and Cashew Whipped Cream

vegan holiday recipes: vegan crepes

Holiday Vegan Appetizers:

Holiday Parties are in full swing. And we can’t forget to feed our vegan loved ones! Serve these cheesy vegan recipes, and watch even non-vegans reaching for more.

1. Holiday Vegan Cheese Platter

vegan holiday recipes: vegan cheese platter

2. Persimmon Bruschetta Holiday Appetizer

Vegan Holiday Drinks:

Cozy up to these Vegan Holiday Drinks. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get in the holiday spirit.

1. Gingerbread Lattes

vegan holiday recipes: gingerbread latte

2. Vegan Hot Chocolate

vegan hot chocolate

So there we have it. 25+ delicious vegan holiday recipes for you to nibble on this month. I’m sure you’re gonna love them! And, I hope they come in handy at your holiday cookies swaps, pot lucks, and Christmas dinner with family. Certainly, these are vegan holiday recipes full of flavour to get you in the holiday spirit.

Enjoy all the holiday festivities, and happy munching!


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