Review: 3 reasons j’adore Monbento

How fun is snack time with this Monbento box!? Monbento sent me this free product to try last week, and opening it I felt like a kid on Christmas day. I couldn’t stop playing around with the containers, clicking them together and brainstorming ways to dress them up (forget Barbies, the Bento box is where it’s at). Let’s just say, I couldn’t contain my joy when I became the owner of these pretty containers.

It makes me excited for the day I have little kiddies so I can take full advantage of packed lunches. To be honest, I rarely ever need to pack my own lunch as I work from home.  But lucky for my hubby he’s been able to ride to work bento box in hand.

I’ve decorated this particular Monbento box with our favourite daytime snack: Cherry tomatoes on french baguette, and farmers market plums. A little sweet and savoury for whichever tooth we need satisfying.

And after tinkering about, and dressing up my Bento with various snacks and leftovers, I can say j’adore monbento!

Here are my 3 reasons why:

1. Snack time just got way more fun! 

Honestly? Snack time is way more fun with my bento box. The whole process from prep, to eating and cleaning is a complete joy with Monbento.

After dinner, I usually prep Mitch’s lunch/snacks for work the next day. Why doesn’t he do it himself? I have the same question…. Actually it’s me who is to blame. I’m so OCD while he’s preparing his lunch that I hover over him saying, “don’t forget the sauce,” or, “if you put lemon juice on the avocado it will stop them from browning,” or, “are you really going to take the last banana?” So, for the health of our marriage it’s better that I do the packing. And I must say that preparing his lunch in a bento box is delightful! I love decorating the little containers to fit his snacks, stacking them up, and securing them into place. I’m so jealous that he gets to stroll into the cafe at work with our bento box, and open the containers for everyone to adore! I used to be so embarrassed as a kid bringing my packed lunch to school when all my friends got money for pizza. Too bad I didn’t have this bento box turning heads to my table. Who said packed lunches were boring? With Monbento it’s so much fun! And clean up up is also a dream. The plastic used in Montbento is BPA free and dishwasher friendly, which is a lifesaver because washing my lunch container by hand is the last thing I want to do after a long days work.

2. They’re personal and unique. 

Like an iPod, Monbento has so many different colours and styles to choose from. So you can personalize your bento box just how you like. And the colour combos are so cute! They’ve got a beautiful original wood box, two toned boxes, and gorgeous pastel colours. I was so tempted to get the purple lilas or matcha green bento box, but I opted for the classic pure coton. I love the simplicity of the classic look, and also from a photographers perspective neutrals are easier to photograph. Although, if I hadn’t planned to use it for blogging I’d go for colour! I love how the colours say a little bit about your personal style; it’s such a unique way to lunch.  And even with the coton white I feel like it speaks to my minimalist and simple style. <3

3. Save money and go green! 

Monbento created these boxes to help inspire people to pack their own home cooked lunches, and to avoid buying lunches with packaged throwaway containers. I love this initiative! It speaks to supporting healthy eating, it’s kind to our piggy banks, and it’s environmentally sustainable. That’s an initiative I can get behind! Let’s save the green in our wallets and put that colour towards what’s inside our bento boxes, shall we?

So, when Monbento offered to send me one of the boxes to try for free there was no hesitation on my part! I’ll tell you, I’m a sucker for pretty packaging that aims to make our world more green. Present a beautifully packaged product and tell me it’s made of recycled plastic bottles and I’m your number one fan! hehe. But really, I love supporting companies with quality products that you can feel good about consuming, and Monbento is the perfect example.

Needless to say, j’adore Monbento! I’m such a fan of these chic and trendy lunch boxes. Thank you Monbento for taking my snack time to a whole new level. 

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